Our Team. Our Story.

Our Story

New Haven Pizza. ‘Nuff said, right?

Entrenched in lifetimes of tradition and admiration for such a rich culinary and cultural conversation, we introduced Da Legna to your dinner table and the New Haven Community in 2012.

Chef Daniel Parillo and our team forged a vision of craftsmanship utilizing the primitive brick oven as his apparatus, sourdough as his ingenuity, and precision as his tool. Wood fired Pizza surrounded by infinite perspective from the kitchen lends a great selection to our guests.

Sourcing from our neighbors, producing for our community, and catering towards our culture enable Da Lena to exist. Forever grateful to play our part, we have chosen hospitality in New Haven as our motivation.

Our Team

Chef Daniel Parillo and friends introduced Da Legna in 2012. More or less it became a pizza think tank. We curate meals, telling stories through food and experience. Our story is the endless dedication to preserving our trade. Chef has over three decades of craftsmanship beginning with hauling and stacking wood in Caserta as a boy in the summers.

Currently, Chef has had the great fortune of sourcing locally as much as possible, reminiscent of his adolescence at home eating from the family’s gardens and foraging the local landscape. Native to the area, Chef grew an affinity towards the charred magnificence that is New Haven Pizza.

Da Legna is Chef’s adaptation of integrity as he understands it to be; Neapolitan in nature, New Haven in spirit. Passionately pursuing hospitality driven concepts, ingrained traditions, primitive cooking, immense attention to detail, allow the vision to propel the momentum of the Brand.

All in all, we are a bunch of hard working perfectionists painting abstract art through the sensations. The reward lay heavy on the hands that feed the people!

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